Edgy Munich Elopement

December 15, 2021
Munich, Germany | 2021

edgy. bold. wild. different. raw.

a city elopement with more sass than romance

This. is. my. VIIIBE Y’ALL!

I am living and dying for elopements like this one. It’s all I wanted and it came out so perfectly. I love that we made a day out of this and didn’t stop shooting when the sun set. The dark is magic, people.

Flash photography became my new best friend after this elopement. That is when my love for it really started.

Enough words, let’s see the most badass wedding shoot you’ll see in a while. (up until yours?)

Outfit change

We did a total of 3 outfits for this shoot. I love all of them, the material is so so so amazing and high quality. One thing this was a reminder of: You can SEE the price of a wedding dress, honestly you can. I would definitely encourage you to shop second hand if you can, but shop something high quality. Don’t go for cheap fast fashion stuff, y’all. We can see it.

find them on insta


thank you, everyone!


Hair & MakeUp: @hottbrides_brautstyling
Outfit: @lillyingenhovenbridal
Flowers: @manumensing_flowers
Model: @vitxlia