Shay & Tenielle – a Cape Town Same-Sex Wedding

December 14, 2021
Cape Town, South Africa | 2021

two brides are better than one

Shayley & Tenielle's emotional and beautiful wedding

Two humans with a connection and love stronger than and different to anything I have ever witnessed. When we decided to do a couple shoot in 2019 we didn’t know anything about the friendship that would form from this adventure.

After I went back to Germany, Shay and Tenielle got engaged. I was so happy for them and waited anxiously for them to ask me to photograph their wedding.

But… radio silence. For months.

I was so confused, so I took initiative and asked Shay to book me. They just didn’t think I would come all the way to Cape Town just for their wedding (what?!) and didn’t ask cause they thought they couldn’t afford it. But we made it work and bam- This is what followed.

The getting ready was in one of the brides’ parents’ beautiful home outside of Cape Town. Shay and T never saw each other on the morning of the wedding and picked their outfits completely independently from each other – I call that trust. #icouldntgiveupcontrol 😀

Afterwards, they headed down to this cute church to seal the deal.

We were supposed to take the bridal portraits at Rhodes Memorial, greek style, lots of pillars and white stone. Well, it was closed. Thank you, google, for being not up to date, ever. 😀

Plan B was to just walk into the woods for portraits in nature. We found this beautiful piece of earth and wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. ❤

The Reception

Colorbox Studios, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town

The reception took place at Colorbox Studios, a beautiful unconventional location quite close to Cape Town.

It’s an amazing location with magnificent light until late in the day.

Well what can I say, the day was so much fun, the speeches were emotional AF and the dancing was SO MUCH FUN.