A Venice Elopement – Alina & Patrick

December 15, 2021
Venice, Italy | 2021

a love story in the city of bridges

romantic city elopement

Alina and Patrick contacted me with the request of bringing a photographer to their Venice Wedding, but more importantly a friend. Alina wanted someone she’s comfortable with and someone she can trust. After all, the plan was to be on the road together for almost 3 days, so I get that completely! Iwouldnt have done it any other way! So we got talking, met for dinner and realised super quickly that we are a match made in heaven and wanna do this. And this is what we did:

Getting Ready

After an evening out and a good night of sleep, we got up for the day of.

We rented out an AirBnB in the middle of beautiful Venice and used this for the getting ready. It was tiny, cozy, and worked perfectly.

First Look & Ceremony

On our way to the town hall, we did a first look. Patrick was kind of worried that he wouldn’t react emotional enough. The day before he told me: “Sometimes I see grooms crying when they see their wife. I’m not like that, I’m not gonna cry and then Alina is gonna be mad.” Let’s just say Alina had no reason to be mad, after all. 😀

The ceremony was beautiful and emotional. Venice town hall really is a beautiful place to get married! After the ceremony Alina and Patrick went on a gondola tour (and I was 3rd wheelin’) to exchange their vows in private.

and they were wed...

The rest of the day

a tour through Venice and a first dance where we didn't want it to be

All of the couple photos were taken on a beautiful tour through Venice, our guide took us to all the beautiful spots and told us all about Venice and its history. We came by this cute restaurant and canceled the fancy reservation we had planned to be in a more authentic place for dinner. Worth it!

The plan for the first dance was originally to do it on the famous Markusplatz. But after a day of walking the two of them wanted to do it in front of the apartment. Private, away from the madness. Worth it again!

Goes to show, plans are allowed to change.