WildGlam – haute couture meets wilderness

December 15, 2021
Heidenheim, Germany | 2021

when wilderness meets haute couture

a bridal portrait session and indoor editorial

One of my favourite sessions of all time! This couple, believe it or not, is not a real couple. Sarah and Charlotte have done projects before and became friends, and we really wanted her for this shoot. Kevin is an upcoming Munich model and we casted him spontaneously after deciding an editorial wouldn’t cut it for this one.

I cannot believe how well they match and I just loved their chemistry. Can’t they be a real couple please? They look like they just jumped out of Game of Thrones, yall.

location change...

Bridal Editorial in Ulm, Germany

royal vibes for royal dresses

In total, we did 4 dresses for this shoot, 2 of them we shot exclusively indoors, because they’re expensive as f*ck (around 5-8K) and we were scared sh*tless 😀

And also, we loved the royal vibe they would bring to an all indoors all flash bridal editorial.

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thank you, everyone!

Styling @hottbrides_brautstyling
Floristik @manumensing_flowers
Bridal wear @munichwhite
Models @kevin._.cremer & @cl.sbn