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portrait of karina garosa

Hey cuties

portrait of karina garosa

Hochzeitsfotograf München - Karina Garosa

but you can take me anywhere

i am...

A Cape Town and munich wedding photographer

and film maker. your new best friend & visual storyteller.

let's make damn good memories together.

Venice Elopement by Karina Garosa Photography
Venice Elopement by Karina Garosa Photography
Elegant Boho Chic Elopement in Venice
Elegant Boho Chic Elopement in Venice

Donald Draper


one day your grandkids will look at your photo album.

And they will be inspired by how badass, beautiful and madly in love you were. They will be in awe of how personal your wedding was, how much it reflects you. You will look at it with them and remember every single moment. I will do anything to conserve those memories for you.

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portrait of karina garosa

documentary photography

"looks-like-film" vibe

If that and wild, bold emotions out of the ordinary are what you are into, then don't hesitate.

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