Lover of life, moments, dogs, and food.

I specialize in emotional & intimate weddings. I capture them in a cinematic, film-like way.

i love photography, but even more i love CONNECTION and making it visible for you in a picture.

Close. Real. Raw. This is your space and I'm here for it.

There is so much more I'm passionate about. Give me all the veggie food, deep talks with good wine and forest walks with my dog! I have way too many hobbies for a 7-day week because life has so many amazing things to offer. When I'm not taking pictures you can catch me on a horse, a trampoline, in front of a piano or redecorating the shit out of my house. 🙂

Some stuff

about me

I actually have a degree

I'm obsessed with:

In Multimedia Design & Teaching

everything beautiful

Nothing makes me happier than

My favorite person is

feeling deep, unabashed connections

my husband

I’m addicted to

Languages I speak

trying new things & beauty

Ger / Eng / Esp / Fr and a bit of Russian

my Values

My perfect Day

empathy, adventure, sustainability, creativity

sleep in. hike. chill. eat.

Why I became a photographer


to create something beautiful and meaningful that lasts forever. to impact someone's life. showing you how beautiful you are.

all of this will pass.

nothing will remain.

pictures are all we have.

I love people and their quirks.

I love weirdos. I love normal. I love different.


The small moment that seem so insignificant at first, but when you stop for a second, you notice. My mission is to immortalise your love. When you look at your album when your hair is grey, it will hurt a little. Nostalgia will hit you.

You will marvel in disbelief at how much you criticised your looks, because you were stunning. You will feel exactly what you felt in that moment. You will feel life.

You will remember people that will long be gone and hear their voice. You will be happy, and sad and everything at the same time. That is my mission.

Weird facts about me for my fellow weirdos




I love everything that tastes like hazelnuts, but I hate hazelnuts. I love strawberries but nothing that tastes like strawberries. Also, I am Team Pizza Hawaii. Hate it or love it!


When I hit myself on a piece of furniture I get so mad that I hit the furniture back. Twice. I promise not to do this at your wedding. Other than that I really love furniture and decor.



I color code everything. I only buy products like soap and shampoo that fit my bathroom design and color, otherwise I'll refill a pretty bottle. I could redecorate every season and I am a typical Trendopfer!

my life in pictures

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