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portrait of karina garosa
portrait of karina garosa

Hey cuties

My name is Karina. I love deep,

portrait of karina garosa

dark love, unexplainable vibes

crying grooms and dancing grandmas.

Let's find out if we vibe and

create a time capsule for you.

I am hereby offering you a time machine into your happiest moments. Whether it's to your civil wedding in town or to your wildest elopement in the alps or your dream destination wedding on red African soil. Whether it's your vows or your walk down the aisle with your father you want to remember dearest. Let me conserve these precious seconds for you. The feelings behind them.

We don't have time machines - yet. So long, we will need photography to remember.

Photography reminds me that all things pass.
A feeling can last a lifetime, though.

Church, Civil or free ceremony

Weddings in Cape Town are so amazing! You can get (legally!) married anywhere, which is not the case in many countries. I absolutely adore ceremonies outside, like at the beach or on a beautiful wine farm, but I also do church weddings of course. Afterwards, we can take beautiful bridal portraits in one of the many iconic spots of Cape Town.




A city elopement can be just as much fun as a nature elopement. The best thing about Cape Town is that you can do both! Great locations are just a stone throw away. Let's get you hitched and head out to one of the beaches, the desert, Table Mountain or anywhere else you wanna go!



Did you know that seasoned and experienced wedding photographers like me book out months and years in advance? Contact me now to secure your date. There are only so many Saturdays in a year and I hate to turn an amazing couple down because I'm already booked.

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Do you photograph internationally?

Where are you based?

General Questions

You bet I do! Nothing excited me more than the opportunity to shoot a destination wedding or elopement. If you’re thinking of taking your celebrations overseas, please get in touch so we can chat about the finer details.

I’m based in Munich, Germany. Every year, I spend a couple of weeks in Cape Town, South Africa. I come back here for a few weeks every year. But: I travel all over the globe to capture love.

Can I make a film gift to a couple?

What’s special about your service?

Pricing & General


If you're a relative and you would like to give this to a soon-to-be-wed-couple as a gift, first of all that's amazing. You're a great person to have in one's life, that's for sure! Please make sure to tell them all about it and show them my page. Wedding photography is not a business of welcome surprises.

I am highly professional and fun at the same time.
I pride myself on the fact that family and friends always compliment me for my personality at the wedding.
I believe that’s just a important as the pictures.

Why are we in good hands with you?

What package suits me better?

First, I’ll keep you calm and make you feel like Beyoncé and Jay-Z in front of the cam. Apart from that, I have full insurance on equipment, always come with multiple cameras and lenses, so no matter what breaks, I can keep shooting. Also, I shoot on two cards and back up on anoher 2 at the same time so there’s no chance of losing your photos to technical failure.

If you're unsure which package works for you or even what kind of wedding you want to celebrate, just get in touch with me. Im sure we can figure it out together 🙂

Cape Town, South Africa

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one day your grandkids will look at your photo album.

And they will be inspired by how badass, beautiful and madly in love you were. They will be in awe of how personal your wedding was, how much it reflects you. You will look at it with them and remember every single moment. I will do anything to conserve those memories for you.

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I listen.

I understand.

My photography is unique.

Because you are.

You will feel comfortable with me around.

I love other people's stories. And that's where it starts for me. With your story, not with your wedding day. It starts when you tell me what's important to you and why. It starts with memories and me getting a feeling for you.

I never go into a session to do the same things for every couple just because they work and are easy. I want to capture your essence. My intent is to show how it felt to be there with you.

I honestly pride myself so much in the positive feedback of this. Every wedding, the guests tell me how comfortable they are around me. People who thought they hated how they look suddenly find themselves beautiful. I believe that's what good photographer does. Make people feel comfortable and beautiful.

Also, I know Cape Town like I know my own mother, so lemme take you to the good spots ❤

It’s about sharing your own story

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in your own language


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how i work

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