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I shoot what it feels like, not what it looks like

Hochzeitsfotos München Innenstadt

Das Gefühl des Moments lebt weiter, nicht der Moment.

Der Moment ist nur ein Abbild deiner Gefühle.

Sometimes I struggle to define my style of photography. My projects always have a bit of a different vibe to it, because I never approach a wedding or sessions with that "Ive-done-that-before" attitude. I would say however that editorial and documentary are always my focus, because that's how I tell your story authentically in a timeless and artsy way.

Ich fotografiere das, was ich fühle, und das, was ihr nicht vergessen wollt. Dazu gehört die Eleganz der epischen Landschaft um euch herum genau so, wie die Nahaufnahme eurer sich berührenden Hände.

With weddings, it's not the wedding itself that fascinates me. My clients don't settle for good enough and basic, they want timeless magic and unabashed wild memories. They want to test out with me how far we can go to make this an adventure and they enjoy creating this magic with me. Sometimes when I take someone's pictures, I can feel their bond strengthening while we shoot. I can feel their youth and their love revive. I can feel their fear of losing each other and of forgetting this moment. And that is where we connect. In vulnerability. In our love for art. In our like-mindedness.

I am hereby offering you a time machine into your happiest moments. Whether it's to your civil wedding in town or to your wildest elopement in the alps or your dream destination wedding on red African soil. Whether it's your vows or your walk down the aisle with your father you want to remember dearest. Let me conserve these precious seconds for you. The feelings behind them.

We don't have time machines - yet. So long, we will need photography to remember.

Photography reminds me that all things pass.

A feeling can last a lifetime, though.

Ich liebe Bilder, aber ich liebe auch bewegte Bilder! Und deswegen erstelle ich für euch magische GIF Videos wie dieses hier.

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Ihr werdet euch mit mir wohl fühlen.

Meine Bilder sind einzigartig.

Weil ihr es seid.

Ich höre zu.

Ich verstehe euch.

I honestly pride myself so much in the positive feedback of this. Every wedding, the guests tell me how comfortable they are around me. People who thought they hated how they look suddenly find themselves beautiful. I believe that's what happens when you take a good picture. You make people feel comfortable and beautiful.

Ich mache nie die gleichen Posen mit einem Paar, nur weil sie funktionieren. Jede Session ist einzigartig. Ich will eure Essenz einfangen. Euch zeigen, wie es sich angefühlt hat, eure Liebe zu sehen.

I love other people's stories. And that's where it starts for me. With your story, not with your wedding day. It starts when you tell me what's important to you and why. It starts with memories and me getting a feeling for you.

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Liebe Worte meiner zwei Bräute Shay und Tenielle aus Kapstadt

Karina Garosa

Shay & Tenielle Interview:

Wie war es, Karina dabei zu haben?

Ich hab die beiden gefragt, wie es war, mich dabei zu haben und was ihnen an ihren Fotos wichtig ist.

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Shay, Tenielle, Thank you.

es war eine Ehre, euch zu fotografieren!


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