To elope | Elopement

To run away with your loved one to get married in a beautiful location

without all the hassle of a big wedding (yet)

4 Great Reasons to Elope

It’s just the two of you!


... or not! You can choose to go just the two of you - or to take a few loved ones. Plus a photographer and if you like videographer, to document your adventures. Another person in the mix will be someone who will officiate your wedding, but they might already be on site. Bring your vows and all the extras you want, such as bouquet, a small setup, food, champagne, ginger shots, whatever floats your boat.

How to Prepare BEfore an Elopement?

Note: Even if you start from zero - I can help you! Just talk to me 🙂 But here is an overview of steps to go through if you want to plan this thing by yourself. Don't worry too much about the order for now, things will get done eventually.

You can forget about formalities


Of course if you want a legally binding agreement there will be some of that, but all that part where everyone tells you what to do for your wedding and which traditions to do and not to do - that's gone. And trust me, that's amazing. Planning a big wedding can be stressful. Of course you can still have a big party after your elopement, but it will still be easier.

• talk to your partner about it

• find a location you both love

• brainstorm the vibe you want

• figure out your perfect day

It’s friendly with your budget and sanity!


• find where to do the ceremony

• find who you want to officiate

Not having to plan an event for 100+ people can be both amazing for your budget and for your sanity. Sometimes people just don't know how much work this stuff can be. An elopement is relatively easy to plan and execute, with the right people on your side anyway.

• find a photographer

• find a videographer

• make a plan with your photographer

• find the other vendors

• book it!

You get to go on an exciting adventure


You're a fan of the travels? Me, too! I couldn't imagine anything better than taking my man and my fur baby to an amazing destination we've always wanted to go to to get HITCHED! What an adventure. SO much time for you and your love. So many memories to be created.

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We will look at the hours/days you need me and at the travel costs together. I do have some premade travel packages to make that process easier for you.

It's hard for me to give out single price for elopements, because travel costs can vary big time. So if you're into the whole elopement thing, just chat to me and we will figure something out together. The most important thing: You need to trust your elopement photographer and you NEED to want them around you as a person.

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more colorful emotions than any photo could encapsule.

ask about gif videos

Cape Town, South Africa

Elegant Boho Chic Elopement in Venice


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Do you photograph internationally?

Where are you based?

General Questions

You bet I do! Nothing excited me more than the opportunity to shoot a destination wedding or elopement. If you’re thinking of taking your celebrations overseas, please get in touch so we can chat about the finer details.

I’m based in Munich, Germany. Every year, I spend a couple of weeks in Cape Town, South Africa. I come back here for a few weeks every year. But: I travel all over the globe to capture love.

Do you do same-sex weddings?

Do you photograph elopements?

If you and your partner are thinking of skipping the fuss and running off to do a private ceremony with just the two of you or a handful of your nearest and dearest, I’d be absolutely honoured to document your intimate ceremony. Our elopement packages start at 4 hours’ coverage, so get in touch if you’d like to learn more.

A million times YESS!!! LGBTQIA+, no matter how you identify and regardless of how you define your relationship, I’d love to be a part of your wedding day. Love is love and I’m 100% here for it!

Can I make a film gift to a couple?

What’s special about your service?

Pricing & General


If you're a relative and you would like to give this to a soon-to-be-wed-couple as a gift, first of all that's amazing. You're a great person to have in one's life, that's for sure! Please make sure to tell them all about it and show them my page. Wedding photography is not a business of welcome surprises.

I am highly professional and fun at the same time.
I pride myself on the fact that family and friends always compliment me for my personality at the wedding.
I believe that’s just a important as the pictures.

Why are we in good hands with you?

What package suits me better?

First, I’ll keep you calm and make you feel like Beyoncé and Jay-Z in front of the cam. Apart from that, I have full insurance on equipment, always come with multiple cameras and lenses, so no matter what breaks, I can keep shooting. Also, I shoot on two cards and back up on anoher 2 at the same time so there’s no chance of losing your photos to technical failure.

If you're unsure which package works for you or even what kind of wedding you want to celebrate, just get in touch with me. Im sure we can figure it out together 🙂